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The Censor will provide assessment services and advice to the Censor in Chief on the perfomances of Candidates in the formal training programs undertaken by those studying to be Fellows of RACMA. Assistance will also be provided to the Censor in Chief to develop and improve the quality of the education and evaluation processes in the education portfolio.

Censors will be Fellows of at least three years standing who are in good standing with the College (financial and CEP) and may have experience or training in postgraduate medical assessment.

Terms will be of three years, renewable up to nine years (three terms in all).

Censors will be expected to participate in all censor activities throughout their terms.

Censors may serve on any or all of the assessor panels of:

  • Oral Examinations
  • Management practice folio markers
  • Reflective case study markers
  • Accelerated Pathway interview panels

Censors will commit to attendance at least one Board of Censors meeting or workshop each term, and at least one substantial assessment task annually. Censors will also participate in the RACMA Faculty Education Program.

New Censors will undertake training which consists of attendance at one workshop and attendance at the nationally run trial examinations as an observer.

Interested Fellows are advised to read the detailed role description for the Censor.


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