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Role Overview

A Preceptor is a Fellow of the College actively engaged in the field of management administration. Preceptors play a vital role in providing support and guidance to specifically allocated Candidates who are completing the Fellowship Training Program via the standard pathway. Preceptors are required have a thorough understanding of the College's requirements for Fellowship, the College competencies, Candidate assessment towards Fellowship, interactions between the Candidate's Supervisor and Preceptor, issues of feedback for Candidates and career counselling of Candidates. RACMA provides training to Preceptors through Faculty education workshops and training webinars.

Preceptors may or may not be directly responsible for the day-to-day administrative activity of the Candidate and may or may not be employed within the same institution as the Candidate. The Preceptor role is closest to that of coach, being aware of the Candidate's prior experiences, personal learning style, current position and learning possibilities, encouraging the Candidate to achieve the competencies and assisting the Candidate to meet the College requirements. It is particularly important that Preceptors are able to assist their Candidates in reflecting on their experiences and learning during those experiences.

Apart from the annual formal reporting requirements, Preceptors should meet with Candidates every three months, preferably as a face-to-face meeting to discuss the Candidate's experiences and where they tie into RACMA requirements.

Key Accountabilities and Tasks of a Preceptor (Click here to view the Preceptor Position Description)
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