Ministerial Briefing Print

Often an important role for medical managers is communication with government ministries (state and federal). Government decision-makers rely on accurate, up-to-date data, evidence and arguments from sector leaders to inform their policy and program decisions. Knowing how to write an accurate, concise and influential briefing is a key skill for medical leaders. This task allows Candidates to practise writing a Ministerial briefing and obtain feedback from College Censors who have expertise in the area.

Ministerial briefings are succinct (usually no more than two pages) and divided into clear, easy to read sections. They often summarise and comment on one particular issue, show a clear argument and list recommendations.

1. Task

Write a Ministerial briefing on an aspect of medical administration with which you are familiar and that you hypothetically could be called upon to comment.

Questions to guide you:
  • Why is this briefing necessary? What is the context of this issue for this Minister’s portfolio?
  • What does the Minister need to know about this issue and why are you an appropriate author of this information?
  • Have you identified key problems, options and strategic considerations surrounding this issue?
  • Are you providing the right kind and level of detail and evidence, bearing in mind the longer the briefing is, the less likely a Minister or his/her staff will read it all?
  • Are your arguments well-constructed and persuasive?
  • Are your conclusions and/or recommendations practical and actionable?

2. Specifications
  • The briefing will be divided into the following short sections (as appropriate):
    • Title
    • Purpose
    • Background
    • Key current considerations
    • Comment
    • Recommendations
  • You may direct your briefing to a current or hypothetical government Minister
  • The briefing will be 600 words (maximum), with the word count indicated on the Cover Sheet.
  • For privacy and confidentiality purposes this work must be de-identified by Candidates prior to submission.

3. Submission
  • Submit the Ministerial Briefing in a WORD document to RACMA via the eETP with the FTP Assessment Task Cover Sheet (available on the web). The Cover Sheet must be signed by your Preceptor otherwise your submission will not be assessed.
  • The Preceptor should acknowledge on the Cover Sheet that the work is ready for submission and assessment by markers.
  • Please refer to the Annual Training Calendar (available on the web) for submission due date.

4. Assessment
Censors will be looking for the following criteria in assessing a Candidate’s Ministerial briefing:
  • Professionalism consistent with a formal report prepared by a person with specialist expertise
  • Fitness for purpose i.e. well suited for its designated role or purpose
  • Analysis and coherent, well evidenced opinion
  • Clear relationship to a RACMA competency (s)
  • Logical sentence and paragraph structure, construction of argument and turn of phrase
  • Correct grammar, spelling and referencing.

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