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In 2012 RACMA implemented the Indigenous Health Program as part of the Fellowship Training Program. The aim of this program is to equip Medical Leaders with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to provide a health care environment that is culturally appropriate, sensitive and inclusive, thereby influencing systemic change and quality improvement for the Indigenous populations of Australia and New Zealand.

Candidates will be required to show evidence of completion of the Indigenous Health Program to be eligible to present at the Oral Examinations.

1. Program Elements:
  • An orientation webinar including a submission of a written assessment task (300-500 words).
  • Completion of 3 external modules delivered by the Remote Area Health Corps (RAHC) consisting of:
    • Introduction to Indigenous Health
    • Communication and Education
    • Chronic Conditions Management
  • Completion of the Mauri Ora Associates module, Introduction to Cultural Competence in New Zealand
  • Completion of an online emodule designed and delivered by RACMA
  • Completion of an online forum to discuss the assessment task and the questions posed.
2. Access and Submission

After the first webinar you will be required to complete the external online modules and you will be provided access to LMS to do this. You are required to submit your certificates of completion via eETP.

The final online module will be available for access late October. Candidates have one month to complete this module and participate in the online discussion forum. Program completion is required by the end of November.

3. Assessment

RACMA Indigenous Health Program is a compulsory formative assessment component in the Fellowship Training Program. Candidates must show evidence of having attended all the above modules for this training requirement to be considered as completed by the College.

As part of the program, Candidates are required to submit a Webinar Assessment Task following the Introductory Webinar on Indigenous Health Program which will be assessed as either "Satisfactory" or "Unsatisfactory". There will be no grading or numeric score provided for this assessment task.

Note: Indigenous Health Program is one of the compulsory components of the Fellowship Training Program. Candidates will not be granted credit/recognition of prior learning for previously completed Indigenous Health Modules/Program or experience in Indigenous Health sector/setting.

The LIME Network has developed accreditation tools appropiraite to medical schools, speciality Colleges and AMC accreditation. There are significant resources and seminars available through the network on Indigenous Health, cultural competency, understanding diversity and it offers a range of seminars around learning in this space, enculturation, and professional development for the College members.

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