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The Quarterly 2016
The journal of The Royal Australasian College of Medical Administrators.

Welcome to the 2016 edition of The Quarterly.

If you have a particular area of interest, have attended a fascinating educational forum, want to write an opinion piece or book review then please do not hesitate to send it in to the editorial team via This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

We hope you enjoy this iteration of your publication, The Quarterly.

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1 Editorial Dr Andy Robertson
2 From the President Dr Michael Cleary
3 College Matters Dr Karen Owen
4 RACMA Annual Conference 2016 RACMA Secretariat
5 Finance and Audit Committee Annual Report Dr Humsha Naidoo
6 Education & Training Committee Annual Report Dr Pooshan Navathe
7 Continuing Education Program Committee Annual Report Dr Liz Mullins
8 Board of Censors Annual Report A/Prof Alan Sandford
9 Successful launch of RACMA’s Learning and Teaching Centre Ms Cassie Smith
10 Specialist Training Program Update Ms Valerie Ramsperger
11 Candidate Advisory Committee Report Dr Sergio Diez Alvarezr
12 College Matters Dr Karen Owen
13 Tasmania Practical Leadership Series Graduation Prof Michael Cleary
14 Credentialing: The Why and How A/Prof Alan Sandford
15 Bridging a Great Divide: Translation of Strategy to Operational Reality Dr Singithi Chandrasiri
16 Exemplary Practices of Medical Leadership in Australia: In Their Own Words Prof Graham Dickson
17 Reflections on the Life and Work of Sir William Osler Dr Robert Grogan
18 College Matters Dr Karen Owen
19 Performance Management: Difficult Conversations A/Prof Alan Sandford
20 Management Consulting: Vicarious Leadership? Dr Lee Gruner
21 The Impact of Hearing Issues Dr Elaine Saunders
22 Driving Digital Innovation in the Public Health Sector Dr Paul Eleftheriou
23 Demystifying an elusive concept: A brief account of strategic planning for healthcare Dr Singithi (Sidney) Chandrasiri
24 Medical Leadership and Management Literature Foundations Prof Graham Dickson
25 Building Australia’s Health System for the Future RACMA Secretariat
26 RACMA’s Launch of Seasonal Forums RACMA Secretariat
27 Editorial Dr Andy Robertson
28 From the President Prof Michael Cleary
29 College Matters Dr Karen Owen
30 Leadership practicalities: A wealth of experience Dr Lee Gruner
31 Do Medical Administrators owe a duty of care to patients for their management decisions? Prof Erwin Loh & Dr Owen Bradfield
32 Using a Leadership Capital Index to measure the performance of Medical Managers Dr Singithi Chandrasiri
33 College activity in relation to Bullying, Discrimination and Harassment RACMA Secretariat
34 2015 RACMA workforce survey highlights Dr Karen Owen
35 Curriculum Delivery Review Prof Gavin Frost