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The Quarterly 2012
quarterly cover.jpg The journal of the Royal Australasian College of Medical Administrators.

2012 marked the second year of the revised format of The Quarterly with the combination of online issues and an annual print version comprising a collection of the online featured articles. The Editorial Advisory Committee would like to extend a thank you to all readers that provided feedback through the The Quarterly Survey during January 2012. Survey responses indicated the journal format continued to be well received. The most popular contributions to the 2012 online journal have been compiled into a yearly print copy which has been distributed to College members and is also available to download below.
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# Article Title Author
1 Editorial Dr Andy Robertson
2 President's Report Dr Roger Boyd
3 College Matters Dr Karen Owen
4 Continuing Education Program Update Dr Bernie Street
5 Candidate Advisory Committee Report Dr Alistair Mah
6 Donate Life and Influence on Medical Administration Dr Sally Tideman
7 Clinical Leadership - A Comparison Between New Zealand and Australia Dr David Rankin
8 Local Cultural Sensitivities With Respect to Health Care Dr Helen Tinsley
9 Training and Career Development for Medical Administrators in NSW Dr Vasco de Cavalo
10 Hong Kong College of Community Medicine ASM and Conferment Ceremony Ms Michelle Barrett
11 Enhancing Performance Through Self Audit and Peer Review Dr Alison Dwyer
12 Orbituary: Dr Leonardo la Pietra 1962-2011 RACMA Secretariat
13 Membership Update RACMA Secretariat
14 New Staff Member Profiles RACMA Secretariat
15 Transitioning to the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards Dr Susan Sdrinis
16 Measuring hospital quality and performance Prof Russell Mannion
17 Clinician Engagement: Change the language, change the outcome Dr Lee Gruner
18 WA Medical Careers Expo Dr Daniel Heredia
19 Book Review - Deadly Healthcare Drs Michael Jones and Andrew Johnson
20 Accrediting Posts Around the Country Ms Valerie Ramsperger
21 Membership update RACMA Secretariat
22 e-Learning@RACMA is Launched Ms Juliet Buchanan
23 Harmony Day at the National Office RACMA Secretariat
24 Staff Profile RACMA Secretariat
25 Medical Leadership in Context Conference Ms Sharon Holloway
26 Consumer Engagement Part 1 Ms Deborah Smith
27 Managers Questioning How They Work to Improve Inter-Professional Collaboration and Clinical Governance Dr David Greenfield
28 Health Services Research in Hong Kong Dr Jenny LAM
29 Consumer Engagement Part 2 Dr Lee Gruner
30 World Federation of Medical Managers Annual Scientific Meeting Dr Karen Owen
31 Book Review: The Healing Presence of Art: A History of Western Art in Hospitals Dr Robert Grogan
32 RACMA Young Doctors Program Social and Networking Function Dr Sally Tideman
33 Medical Expos Around The Country RACMA Secretariat
34 Rural Outcome Measurement Enhancement Project Ms Lauren Dalton
35 Communications Workshop Ms Hollway, Dr Chong
36 Membership Update RACMA Secretariat
37 Editorial Dr Andy Robertson
38 Experience as a HKCCM Academic AM trainee Dr Frank Chan
39 The Langford Oration – a brief reflection on its history, purpose and namesake Dr Robert Grogan
40 New Staff Profiles RACMA Secretariat
41 2012 RACMA Conference Wrap Up Ms Paula Leishman