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The Quarterly 2015
The journal of The Royal Australasian College of Medical Administrators.

Welcome to the 2015 edition of The Quarterly.

If you have a particular area of interest, have attended a fascinating educational forum, want to write an opinion piece or book review then please do not hesitate to send it in to the editorial team via This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

We hope you enjoy this iteration of your publication, The Quarterly.

# Article Title Author
1 Editorial Dr Andy Robertson
2 From the President Prof Michael Cleary
3 College Matters Dr Karen Owen
4 Professions, Professionals and Professionalism Dr Roger Boyd
5 Health Law – Recent Cases in Mental Health Prof Erwin Loh
6 RACMA Survey on Bullying, Harassment and Discrimination RACMA Secretariat
7 RACMA Annual Conference 2015 RACMA Secretariat
8 President’s Annual Report Dr Lee Gruner
9 Finance and Audit Committee Annual Report Dr Humsha Naidoo
10 Education and Training Committee Annual Report Professor Gavin Frost
11 Continuing Education Program Committee Annual Report Dr Bernard Street
12 Board of Censors Annual Report A/Prof Alan Sandford
13 Candidate Advisory Committee Report Dr Elizabeth West
14 2015 Langford Oration – What is to become of inequality? Major Campbell Roberts
15 Transitioning to the dark side: Evidence-based strategies for managing the critical challenges confronting new Clinician Managers Dr Singithi Chandrasiri
16 Cyclone Marcia Dr Nicki Murdock
17 New Staff Member Profiles RACMA Secretariat
18 Special Issue of the Leadership in Health Services Journal RACMA Secretariat
19 Best practice for conducting morbidity and mortality reviews: A literature review C. Joseph, M. Garrubba, A. Melder, E. Loh
20 RACMA Guide to Practical Credentialing and Scope of Clinical Practice Processes Dr Lee Gruner
21 Social Media, Language in Notes, Personality Disorders and Unfair Dismissal Professor Erwin Loh
22 A Week In Myanmar Dr Lee Gruner
23 Medical Council of NSW Update Dr Roger Boyd
24 The Doctor Crisis – How Physicians Can, and Must, Lead the Way to Better Health Care Dr David Rankin
25 Medical Leadership and Management Literature Foundations Dr Karen Owen
26 Case Study - Re-implementation of an Electronic Medication Management System A/Prof Gregory Perry
27 Letter to the Editor Dr Rosemary Aldrich
28 International Medical Leaders Forum Dr Lee Gruner
29 Medical Leadership & Management Literature Foundations Dr Karen Owen
30 A Day in the Life of a Medical Manager Dr Bruce Waxman
31 Inequality in Indigenous Health - What lessons in indigenous health have been learnt? RACMA Secretariat
32 RACMA Membership Survey RACMA Secretariat
33 Professional Development Survey RACMA Secretariat
34 Membership Update RACMA Secretariat
35 Membership of RACMA - Where is the pride? Dr Lee Gruner
36 College Matters Dr Karen Owen
37 RACMA Directions: P.A.C.E. Strategic Plan RACMA Secretariat
38 Duty of Care Professor Erwin Loh
39 WFMM International Medical Leaders Forum 2015 RACMA Secretariat
40 Leadership Theories Dr Michael Clements
41 Letter to the Editor RACMA Secretariat
42 College Action on Public Health Issues RACMA Secretariat
43 Book Review: Pricks, Losers and Well Poisoners Dr David Rankin