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The Quarterly 2014
The journal of The Royal Australasian College of Medical Administrators.

Welcome to the 2014 edition of The Quarterly.

If you have a particular area of interest, have attended a fascinating educational forum, want to write an opinion piece or book review then please do not hesitate to send it in to the editorial team via This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

We hope you enjoy this iteration of your publication, The Quarterly.

# Article Title Author
1 Editorial: The First Horseman Dr Andrew Robertson
2 From The President Dr Lee Gruner
3 College Matters Dr Karen Owen
4 WFMM Special publication on Medical Leadership Dr Karen Owen
5 Finance and Audit Committee Annual Report Dr Draginja Kasap
6 CEP Commitee Annual Report Dr Bernard Street
7 Education and Training Committee Annual Report Professor Gavin Frost
8 Board of Censors Annual Report Associate Professor Alan Sandford
9 RACMA E-dgy Issues Program Prof Gavin Frost
10 Professional Boundaries, Professionalism and Goals of Care - recent cases and an article of interest Associate Professor Erwin Loh
11 The view from the starting line: A practical account of applying critical reflective analysis Dr Singithi Chandrasiri
12 Crisis leadership in Australia Dr Malcolm Forbes
13 Serious adverse events report reflects DHBs improved reporting and commitment to learning Health Quality & Safety Commission New Zealand
14 Leadership is a two way street: Promoting partnership for health organisation success Dr Lee Gruner
15 Research through partnership RACMA Research Working Party
16 Summary of Board Actions 2013/2014 Dr Karen Owen
17 Book Review: Nonprofit Governance. Innovative perspectives and approaches. Nick O’Connor
18 Leadership and Organisational Performance Professor Chris Ham
19 Embracing the Unexpected: Resilience Engineering In Australian Healthcare Prof Jeffrey Braithwaite and Dr Robyn Clay-William
20 Human Resource Management - managing change and dealing with employee resistance Dr Alan Sandford & Ms Sophie Conabere
21 Young people with chronic illness and/or disability: planning across health services and through organisational restructures Dr Michael Datyner
22 Practical Leadership: A new leadership and development program for Clinicians in Tasmania RACMA Secretariat
23 2014 WFMM International Medical Leaders Forum Dr Karen Owen
24 Editorial Dr Andy Robertson
25 From The President Dr Lee Gruner
26 College Matters Dr Karen Owen
27 Letter to the Editor: Clinician Engagement Dr Anand Ponniraivan
28 Letter to the Editor: Assessing Leadership Capability Dr Anand Choudhary
29 High Performance In Austere Times: National Focus Professor Chris Baggoley
30 Brain-based Approaches to Leadership: a Neuroscientific Perspective Professor Paul Mohapel
31 Management of Decreasing Afterhours Anaesthetic Service Availability Dr Anthony Robins
32 Book Review: Build A Better Brain Dr Ian Brand
33 Executive Employment Issues Mr Kamal Farouque & Mr Enrico Burgio
34 Candidates Corner Dr Grant Rogers