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The College awards a RACMA Supervisor for the outstanding support, education and advocacy to RACMA Candidates undertaking training towards RACMA Fellowship. The award is an important part of the Fellowship Training Program and the College’s recognition of major contribution to training and competency development made by the RACMA Supervisor.   

1.       Nominations

The Candidates Advisory Committee (CAC), comprised of Chair and jurisdictional candidate representatives, will make a selection from the number of nominations for the Supervisor Award submitted by the Candidates. The College sends out an annual survey to all Candidates to make their nominations.

CAC will then take their selection of one Supervisor award, based on the detailed justification for the award in terms of outstanding service and support to the Candidate and Fellowship training, to the respective jurisdictional committee where the Supervisor is located to inform the committee and for recommendation this award be forwarded to the Board and subsequently for presentation at the RACMA National Conference. 

Nomination is voluntary.

2.       Eligibility for the Award

To be eligible for nomination by the Candidate for the Supervisor award, the following criteria must be met:

a.       The Supervisor must have provided outstanding support and guidance to the Candidate undertaking training with the College, specifically allocated for a minimum continuous period in medical management practice for at least 6 months
b.      The Supervisor does not have to be a Fellow of the College but must be actively engaged in the field of medical administration and provide major contribution to the Candidate’s training
c.       The Supervisor must have demonstrated excellence in one or more RACMA competencies
d.      Those Supervisors who are working with multiple Candidates may be nominated by an individual or by the group
e.      The Supervisor must demonstrate outstanding level of engagement with the Candidate and other College and health setting’s officers involved in the Candidate’s training

3.       Award Process

f.        Nominations will be called two months prior to the RACMA National Conference
g.       Nominations will be required to be submitted in writing at least one month prior to the Conference. Only those nominations received by the closing date will be eligible for the award.
h.      The Candidate Advisory Committee will consider all nominations objectively based on their Merit. The CAC will check that the Supervisor is eligible to be nominated (see the criteria). The decision of the CAC’s selection will be final.
i.         The CAC will advise the relevant Jurisdictional Committee and the National Office of the details for the nominated Supervisor.
j.        The CAC will ask the RACMA Board to endorse the selection to be presented at the next National Conference.
k.       The CAC will notify the successful nominee that they have been nominated for an award.
l.        The Nominee will be presented the award at the National Conference and a certificate will be awarded to the recipient signed by the President of RACMA and the Chair of the Candidate Advisory Committee.