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Experiential learning has been a corner stone of Medical Education from its earliest days.  The extended period of practical, apprenticeship training and experience allows trainees to learn by working alongside experienced practitioners and gain substantial, relevant experience and skills, are up-to-date with systems and norms of practice, and demonstrate competence before beginning unsupervised practice.

In line with this tradition, RACMA has moved from the terminology of MPF (as a compulsory evidence folio of specific tasks and activities undertaken by a Candidate during his/her candidacy) to Medical Management Practice Domain (MMPD) as evidence of workplace-based learning as the supervised practice component of the RACMA Fellowship Training Program (FTP).

The Medical Management Practice Domain (MMPD) is a combination of tasks and activities that are to be completed during the Candidate’s period of supervised practice that will provide evidence for and will demonstrate the development of competencies throughout this period. The MMPP will provide an evaluation of Candidate’s performance and progression in the Fellowship Training Program (FTP) as well as incorporate a series of formative assessment tasks and feedback reports for completion that will be used by the College in determining Candidates’ readiness and eligibility to sit the oral examination.
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