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The attached questions are presented here to assist Candidates in preparation for the Oral Examination. They are actual questions used in previously held RACMA Oral Examinations. They are provided to give Candidates an idea of the scope and character of the scenarios that are set in the Oral Examination.


March 2013 Final Examination Results Breakdown view pdf file
October 2012 Final and Trial Examination Results Breakdown view pdf file
March 2012 Final and Trial Examination Results Breakdown view pdf file

Examination Questions

Click here to download the 2018 September trial exam questions.

The table below lists all past examination questions (along with their suggested answers) and the corresponding competencies that apply to them.

Primary Competency
Secondary Competency

  Leader Expert Communicator Advocate Scholar Professional Collaborator Manager
2017 Oral Exam & 2018 Trial Exam Questions                
Rural Obstetric Dilemma            
Anti-microbial Stewardship - Question Data click here            
Disaster preparedness           
New Cardiac Intervention            
Restraint of a Patient           
Cardiac Surgery            
Blood Management - Question Data click here            
ED Performance             
Preparing for a Disaster          
Day Only Total Hip Replacement            
Criteria Led Discharge          
2016 Questions                
Interesting Trend Changes (data)             
EMR Dilemma  •              
Community Diabetes                 
Surgical Dilemma                
Perfection (2016)                   
Upset Radiation Oncologist                
Turf Warfare (sup)              
HSMR Quarterly Report (data)                 
South West Peninsula District Health Services                   
After Hours Anaesthesia              
Action Without Notice                  
Nosocomial Infection                
To Credential Or Not To Credential               
Pathology Report (sup)             
Districtwide HSMR Report (data – trials only)                 
2015 Questions  
Why the difference?          
Late Influenza        
Cancer Diagnosis    
Community Funding of a New CT Scanner      
Electronic Medical Record        
Planning for a Mammography Service        
Bariatric Surgery   •        •  
Late Flu        
Missed Abnormal Histology Result     •        
Transfusion Practices         •        •    
Inappropriate Behaviour            
The Sedated Patient            •    
2014 Questions  
Skewed ICU Services          
Services for Older People          
Overwhelmed Hospital    
Research in Trouble        
Death of an Elder        
Mental Illness and Chronic Physical Health Care          
Catastrophic Complication        
Benchmarking Using Health Roundtable Data        
Unscheduled Stopover        
Independent Midwives        
Steriliser Dilemma          
Sudden Planning is Required        
Special Arrangements          
Aggressive Treatment      
Emergency Department Performance        
Obstetrician with Complications        
Good News is not Always Welcome        
Mortality Review        
Enthusiastic Registrar        
Distressed Director of Psychiatry        
Perfect Anaesthesia        
Stroke Management within the Hospital        
Board Governance Of Safety And Quality        
Minor Amendments        
Managing Equity In A Time Of Fiscal Constraint      
Mortality Review      
Legionella In A Routine Test        
Emergency Patient Intervention        
Independent Midwifery Issue        
2013 Questions  
Credentialing Paramedics      
Benchmarking with the NHS        
Holey Colonoscopies      
Medication in Residential Care        
Lost Nodes        
Refusal of Ulcer Care          
After-hours Staff Parties          
Board Questions          
Photographic Evidence        
Open Gate to Mental Health        

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