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An executive coach is a Fellow of the College, trained as a Coach by the College and actively engaged in the field of medical administration. S/he should not be directly responsible for the day-to-day administrative activity of the Candidate and should not be employed within the same institution as the Candidate. It is recommended that each Coach should not be responsible for more than two Candidates at any one time.

According to Landsberg (2003) in The Tao of Coaching:

‘Coaching aims to enhance the performance and learning ability of others. It involves providing feedback, but it also uses other techniques such as motivation, effective questioning, and constantly matching your management style to each coachee’s readiness to undertake a particular task. It is based on helping people to help themselves through interacting dynamically with them – it does not rely on a one-way fl ow of telling and instructing.’

The coach’s responsibilities are to:
  • assist the Candidate to develop a training plan which meets College requirements
  • provide guidance on and to certify that the Candidate’s Case Study is based on real experience
  • advocate for the Candidate if necessary to ensure their training will meet RACMA requirements
  • advise the Candidate on other activities to be undertaken to meet RACMA competencies.

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