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The RACMA Fellowship Training Program uses an action learning approach (thereby increasing learner centeredness) so that Candidates work and learn together by tackling actual scenarios and reflecting on their actions. This is the case for supervised practice and Learning Sets during which Candidates acquire knowledge through action in context and practice (rather than through didactic instructional modes).

The aims of Learning Sets for Candidates are to:
  • Improve the competence of Candidates as they engage in the Learning Sets
  • Gain a broader understanding of management and leadership related issues
  • Create a safe and supportive network that can be utilised as a supportive resource for Candidates throughout the course of their training
  • Develop critical appraisal skills when analysing cases presented by other colleagues
  • Communicate effectively and build collaborative skills and relationships amongst the Candidates throughout the course of their training
  • Recognise that although peers often have different management and leadership skills, many of their strategies and qualities can be integrated into another’s personal style and situation
1. Allocation to Learning Sets

Candidates will join small groups called Learning Sets which will be structured to achieve diversity (e.g. Jurisdictional difference, substantive positions, registrar positions, self-assessment type) and encourage cross boundary collaboration.

Learning Sets will have confidentiality arrangements in place to create ‘safety’ and content/sessions programmed to enhance leadership competence and confidence.

2. Candidate Participation

Candidates will participate in a series of webinar based Learning Set sessions throughout their candidacy in the Fellowship Training Program.

These webinar based Learning Set sessions are held each year based on current and emerging topics in Medical Administration focusing on the development and enhancement of leadership skills.

3. Case Study

Two case studies which are provided by the College or Candidates on a RACMA prescribed topic are put forth for discussion at each Learning Set webinar.

Each case study will be a de-identified work based issue that is presented in three parts. The first part outlines the details of the issue, after which the group discuss possible avenues of resolution or pathways forward. The second part outlines the participant’s management of the issue, after which the group will assess the strategies that were employed. The third part consists of questions the Candidate may wish to ask regarding the case presented.

The Learning Set webinar involves discussion of these two cases and concludes with the facilitator’s summary of the challenges presented, the strategies employed, and the alternatives discussed.

The prescribed topics for the Learning Set case studies may vary for each year. The prescribed topics for the case studies will be circulated to Candidates at the beginning of each training year. Candidates will be provided a template to assist with the development of their case studies.

4. Facilitator

RACMA Fellows will facilitate the Learning Sets to provide input and guidance on case study topics that are within their areas of expertise. Candidates in their final year will be required to facilitate one learning set themselves and lead the discussion around the case study during the Learning Set webinar while the Faculty facilitator will be responsible for drawing out the issues in the case study and addressing the gaps in the discussions.

RACMA run INTERACT webinars on various themes throughout the year. Candidates can participate in these webinars and base their case on the topic and discussion from the webinar.

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