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The Quarterly 2012


Dr Susannah Ahern, Secretary, RACMA State Committee
The 2012 Medical Careers Expo was held in the Skyline Room, Melbourne Park Function Centre on Saturday 5th May.

The Expo is sponsored by the Victorian Medical Postgraduate Foundation (VMPF), the Postgraduate Medical Council of Victoria (PMCV), and the Australian Medical Association Victoria (AMA Vic) and provides an opportunity for medical students, interns and HMOs to discuss their future career training options with Victorian Health Services and representatives of the various specialty Colleges.

RACMA’s booth was staffed by members of the Victorian State Committee and other Victorian Fellows, and provided information to potential candidates, as well as the opportunity to sign up to the RACMA Young Doctors Program. While most Expo attendees are at the prevocational stage of their training and may not have clear career plans, the Expo does provide the opportunity for junior doctors to meet RACMA Fellows and find out about the training program for potential future reference.


Dr Amanda Dines, Chair, RACMAQ
Friday 4th May – Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital

New South Wales

Dr Vivek Nigam, Candidate representative, RACMA NSW
Saturday 5th May – Australian Medical Association NSW

Dr Helen Parsons, Jurisdiction Coordinator of Training, RACMA NSW
The 2012 Medicine & Health Careers and Research Fair, University of Sydney on Wednesday 23rd May was an opportunity to provide advice on the diverse and interesting careers available in medical management to first and second year postgraduate medical students, and undergraduate and postgraduate students hoping to get into medicine. Having done medicine as an undergrad, though a mature age student at the time, it was very interesting to hear the perspectives, experiences and aspirations of these students. A number of first-year medical students were also seeking advice on how to survive medical school!

Many of the students are interested in systems issues and the ‘bigger picture’; and wanting to make a difference at the one-to-one clinician-patient interface, as well as being able to influence broader public health agendas. Meeting such a diverse and highly talented group of current and potential students reinforced to me the opportunities there are now for people from diverse backgrounds to undertake medical training and for them when they graduate to provide very different perspectives which will impact on health care to future generations of Australians.

It was also interesting to meet fellows, training registrars and staff of other colleges, some of whom were not aware of the College, our training programs, or the role of medical managers. A training registrar asked: How can a medical manager assist me in my work as a consultant in caring for patients? Something for every medical manager to think about.

It is important for RACMA Fellows and trainees to continue to attend university career nights. It's a great opportunity to meet and influence future leaders in the healthcare industry. There are also opportunities for the College to continue to promote the role of the College and medical managers to other specialty colleges, and to young doctors in their early postgraduate years.

South Australia

Dr Sally Tideman, Chair, RACMA SA
The Hilton Medical Careers Expo was held on Wednesday 23rd May at the Hilton Hotel Adelaide. RACMA partnered with the Central Adelaide Local Health Network and answered a number of enquiries from Young Doctors in Training that were interested in medical administration as a career choice. Thanks to all RACMA members who helped out on the booth over the course of the evening.