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The Quarterly 2012

Thirty-two Candidates of the College have become part of the pilot cohort to participate in the Cultural Competence and Indigenous Health program. An ‘Indigenous Health Introductory Webinar’ orientated the Candidates to the program. Candidates’ shared their motivations and experience in Indigenous health.

Dr Andrew Perrignon chaired the webinar and outlined the disparities of health, burden of disease, and COAG targets and initiatives. He then spoke about his considerable experience engaging with Indigenous communities in Rumbulara, Northern Victoria; reiterating the importance of a medical administrators’ role in effecting change and suggesting practical strategies to deliver that change.

The eLearning@racma Learning Management System was officially launched following the webinar on the 13th of March, and is the delivery platform for the materials that support the various initiatives of the curriculum.

The Candidates are now completing three Indigenous Health online modules: The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP), Mauri Ora and Remote Area Health Corps (RAHC) and accessing reading resources on eLearning@racma.

The program will conclude in September with a final webinar to reflect on the Candidates’ learning from the webinars, various online modules and the professional readings.

Ms Juliet Buchanan
Education Project Officer