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Commencing from 2018, the In-Training Assessment (ITA) Report will be called the 'In-Training Performance (ITP) Report'.

The In-Training Performance Report (ITP) form is templated to formally allow for a log of training activities (workshops, webinars, learning sets and special seminars), for Candidate recording at the beginning of the sections for each of the following four learning domains of the Fellowship Training Program:
  1. Health System Science Domain - incorporating the role competency of Medical Expertise;
  2. Medical Management Practice Domain - incorporating the competencies of Medical Management and Communication;
  3. Research Training Domain (RTD) - incorporating the competency of Scholarship; and
  4. Personal and Professional Leadership Development (PPLD) Domain - Advocacy, Collaboration, Leadership and Professionalism
In the second section of the ITP Report, as in the previous ITA Report, the curriculum learning objectives for each role competency are identified. Following review of the log of activities and achievements, Candidates and Supervisors are expected to identify performance in each learning objective, based on the descriptors: 'novice', 'intermediate', 'competent' and 'proficient'. There is a column for 'not applicable' to accommodate those 'specialty' rotations/posts in which certain opportunities may not be available or may not have been able to be accessed by the Candidate. This is important for explanation for possible lack of progress in a Domain and consideration for Annual Training Plans across the duration of the candidacy.

Candidates are required to download the following form for completion and submission upon sign off by their Supervisor and Preceptor:

The ITP Reports are to be submitted bi-annually by 30 June and 30 November of each year of Candidacy together with the Time in Supervised Practice (TISP) Form.

Time in Supervised Practice (TISP) Form

The purpose of this is to establish Candidates' duration in Medical Management Practice, and to ensure it is in alignment with the requirements of the RACMA Fellowship Training Program. Candidates undertaking the Fellowship Training Program via the Standard Pathway are required to complete an equivalent of three years full time supervised medical management experience in a College accredited training post. The details of this form will need to be endorsed by the Candidate's Supervisor during completion of the In-Training Performance (ITP) Report.

Please download the following form for completion and submission with your bi-annual ITP Report:
The ITP Report form comprises tables in the Medical Management Practice competency spaces for documentation of 'Observed Management Tasks (OManTs)' and 'Case-based discussions'; and in the PPLD Domain role competencies for 'Guided Reflections'. There are suggestions for minimum numbers of these tasks and activities that should be contemplated in a semester. If these have taken place, it will be important for Candidates to have recorded them for their discussion with their Supervisors. Rubrics have been devised for use in quantifying the performance of Candidates.

The ITP log also carries tables for commentary on the mandatory Indigenous Health Modules and other assignments, such as Reflective Journal Writing.

Please download the following forms for your discussion with your Supervisor (optional):
Candidates may refer to the suggested activities in Medical Management in the workplace by referring to the following document:

Note: These sections are not compulsory currently, but it is hoped that most Candidates will attempt to use them.

Candidate Process for submitting ITP Reports:
  • The Candidate will download the ITP Report template and the relevant additional forms (TISP, OManT, Professional Development Discussion Form and Scenario Discussion Form) from the College website
  • The Candidate will review and discuss his/her training progress with his/her Supervisor(s)
  • The Candidate will complete both sections i.e. log and learning objectives sections of the ITP Report template and forward this by email to the Supervisor
  • The Supervisor will complete the relevant sections of the ITP Report, sign off and return the report to the Candidate - via email (copy Preceptor)
  • The Candidate will forward the Supervisor's completed and signed off ITP Report to the Preceptor for discussion - via email (copy Supervisor)
  • The Preceptor will identify any progress related issues in the review and record suggestions to address these issues in the ITP Report for incorporation by the Candidate into the Annual Training Plan
  • The Preceptor will sign off the ITP Report and return this to the Candidate - via email (copy Supervisor)
  • The Candidate will submit the completed ITP Report and Time in Supervised Practice (TISP) Form to the College Office for a record of submission
  • The College Office will forward the Candidate's completed ITP Report to the relevant Jurisdicitional Coordinators of Training to monitor and evaluate the progress of Candidates in the four domains of the Fellowship Training Program with particular attention being paid to formative and summative workplace activities in the Medical Management Practice Program and Personal and Professional Leadership Development Program.
  • The Candidate is responsible for timely submissions of the ITP Report, for initiating arrangements for the review on a six-monthly basis with his/her Supervisor and Preceptor, and for ensuring that the completed ITP Report is submitted to the College via the eETP.
  • The Supervisor is responsible for reviewing and discussing the Candidate's training progress in the training post with the Candidate prior to completing and signing off the bi-annual ITP Report in a timely manner.
  • The Preceptor is responsible for discussing the ITP Report with the Candidate and Supervisor (if required).
  • The Jurisdictional Coordinator of Training is responsible for reviewing the Candidate's submitted ITP report as part of the bi-annual review conducted by the RACMA Training Progress Committee.

Note: The online facility for completion of ITA Reports is being discontinued with immediate effect. Candidates are now required to download the relevant forms, complete and submit these to the College via MYRACMA.

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