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In 2012, the College strengthened its training in health services evaluation research, which was a commitment to the key role completency of Scholar in the Medical Leadership and Management Curriculum by introducing Research Training in the RACMA Fellowship Training Program.

Research Training is one of the four domains of the Fellowship Training Program which must be completed 'satisfactorily' within a specified time period, to be eligible for membership of the College in the category of Fellow.

In the Research Training domain, it is required that a Master's subject related to evidence-based inquiry or research is completed, that a health service evaluation research project is conducted, that an oral presentation of research progress is made; and that a written report is satisfactorily completed for eligibility to Fellowship.

Aims and objectives

In keeping with the Curriculum goals for the role competency of Scholar, the overall aim of the Research Training Domain (RTD) is:
  • To raise Candidate awareness of the knowledge, skills and attitudes required to critically evaluate information for decision making.
The learning objectives of the Research Training Domain (RTD) are that Candidates will: 

  • Identify a health services research question relevant to the practice of medical administration; 
  • Undertake a collation of relevant and current information about that issue;
  • Choose an appropriate method for deriving new knowledge from study of the question;
  • Analyse, interpret and discuss the outcomes of the research; 
  • Draw conclusions and make recommendations relating to the outcomes identified;
  • Deliver a formal oral presentation of research progress; and 
  • Write a ‘publication-ready’ report/paper on the chosen research activity.
The RACMA Research Training Domain (RTD) Handbook outlines the requirements of the RTD, guidelines for the formative and summative assessment tasks, procedures and resources to assist Candidates.

Please refer to the Annual Training Calendar of the relevant candidacy year for key training and assessment submission dates.

Candidates wishing to clarify their RTD requirements are encouraged to contact the Fellowship Training Program (FTP) Coordinator at the RACMA National Office (Tel. 03 98244699).

All Candidates in the Fellowship Training Program are required to 'satisfactorily' complete the RACMA Research Training Domain (RTD) with the exception of those undertaking the Medical Executive (ME) Pathway.

For further information regarding your training requirements, dates of assessment activities in the Research Training Domain and eligibility for attending the Oral Presentations and Oral Exams, please contact the Soundra Subramanian (Assessment & Administration Manager) at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or Anna Lyubomirsky (Education & Training Manager) at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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