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Each Candidate will develop an Annual Training Plan (ATP) in consultation with their Preceptor and Supervisor. The ATP should include training and educational activities required that are set by RACMA developed in the workplace-based activities, and through external training activities that would support skill and knowledge development required for a successful and effective medical administrator. Candidates should refer to the RACMA Annual Training Calendar and the table of Learning and Assessment activities in the Curriculum when developing their ATP.

1. Process
  • The Candidate will initiate a meeting with their Supervisor and Preceptor to develop their Annual Training Plan
  • The Candidate will use the template provided by the College for their ATP.
                             Annual Training Plan Template download doc file
  • When developing the first ATP a Candidate will utilize information provided by the College about their training program requirements i.e. university subject requirements, exemptions due to credit or recognition of prior learning.
  • A Candidate should refer to the competency framework and the learning and assessment activities in the RACMA Medical Leadership and Management curriculum document when developing their ATP.
    If a Candidate has remediation recommendations stemming from an earlier Training Progress Committee (TPC) review, these should be listed in the revised ATP and discussed with preceptor.
  • The ATP is agreed and signed by the Candidate, Supervisor and Preceptor. The Candidate submits a copy of the ATP by the given date on the Annual Training Calendar via the College online submission tool (eETP) which is available on RACMA website (username and password required to login). Candidates are advised to keep an electronic copy for their records prior to submission. - Candidates who commenced in 2019 are required to submit this via the 2019 Induction Module or email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

2. Responsibilities
  • The Candidate is responsible for initiating contact with the Preceptor/Executive Coach, making arrangements for the development of the ATP and meetings with the Preceptor/Executive Coach, ATP maintenance, completion and submission to the College
  • The Candidate is responsible for ensuring that all completed documentation relating to their Candidacy is lodged with the RACMA College Office
  • The Supervisor and Preceptor will conduct regular reviews with the Candidate to review, support and monitor progress
  • The College Office will enter all relevant data in the College education database.

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