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Guidelines for the Award of the College Medallion

The College Medallion is the highest honour awarded by the College to those Fellows who have rendered outstanding service to the College and to their profession.  It is an important part of the tradition and heritage of the College and clearly recognises the major contribution of an individual. 

Several possible categories of service have been determined as guidelines in nominating College Fellows for the award of the College Medallion.  In making nominations there must be a detailed justification for the award in terms of outstanding service to the College.  In categories 2 and 6 this would be provided by the Board, in category 3 by State/Territory/New Zealand Committees, in category 4 by the past or present Censor-in-Chief and in category 5 by either State/Territory/New Zealand Committees or the Board.  Where State/Territory/New Zealand Committees are recommending an award, this recommendation must be forwarded to the Board for its consideration. 

Note:Click here to download the Nomination Form 

Apart from the requirement to detail outstanding service other conditions which should apply in awarding the Medallion are:

a)  The nomination is endorsed by all Board members present when it is considered.
b)  The awards of the Medallion should not average more than 2 per year and not be more than 3 in any one year.

1.  Past President

The award would be offered following a minimum of 5 years service on the Council/Board, including the 2/3 year term as President (nomination made by Council/Board).

2.  Services to the Board

a)  Board members who have served not less than 8 years.
b)  Board members who have served not less than 6 years but have held an Executive position.

3.  Service to Jurisdictional Committees

Individuals who have served not less than 5 years as Chair of a State/Territory/New Zealand Committee.

4.  Service to Examinations

Censors/Examiners who have served not less than 8 years and who in the opinion of the current or past Censor-in-Chief have made a significant contribution to the examination process.

5.  Combined Services

A minimum of 10 years service in total, whether on the RACMA Board, State/Territory/New Zealand Committees, JCT or in other appointed elected positions.  The nominee would not only have filled one or more of the above positions but would have actively contributed to the affairs of the College by serving on sub-committees or organising committees, by regular attendance at and participation in Annual Conferences and Seminars or by writing and publishing relevant material.

6.  Board Nominees

The Board may specifically make the award to individuals who do not fall within the above categories but who meet the basic criterion of outstanding service to the College.

These guidelines have been designed to be deliberatively restrictive.  With our relatively small membership the award could be devalued if bestowed too readily or too widely.  It must always be emphasised that it is only offered for significant contributions to the work of the College.

Procedural Aspects
  1. A detailed citation must be prepared by the nominating body and this citation will be presented to the recipient with the medallion.
  1. Nominations with detailed citations must be submitted to the Board via the Chief Executive on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  so that the medallion and citation can be presented at the subsequent Langford Oration.
Reviewed: June 2017

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