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A requirement of the RACMA Fellowship Training Program is that the Candidate completes the equivalent of three years full time supervised medical management experience in the workplace. This experience will be gained in an accredited training post during which time the Candidate will have a supervisor (usually their line manager) and a Preceptor allocated by the College.

The period of supervised practice will be reduced if the Candidate is awarded some months of advanced standing/recognition of prior learning (RPL). Candidates via the accelerated pathway are awarded the maximum RPL and therefore have no requirement to complete the mandatory supervised practice component.

The Candidate will work with their workplace Supervisor, and their Preceptor to prepare an Annual Training Plan (ATP). This plan should be prepared having regard to the Candidate's prior experience and reference to the RACMA Medical Leadership and Management Curriculum. This curriculum details the competencies and capabilities which need to be developed over the period of training. The curriculum also provides examples of learning experiences which may be included in the Candidate's ATP. The ATP is to be used to monitor progress towards achieving the required competencies and will be reviewed each six months after the Candidate’s In-Training Assessment (ITA) is undertaken.

All Candidates are expected to discuss their progress with their Supervisor and Preceptor on a regular basis. Evaluation by Candidates suggests that weekly discussions with Supervisors and Monthly discussions with Preceptors are beneficial.

Refer to the specific information about ATP and ITA in the College Handbook for more detail and to the Annual Training Calendar for timelines. A copy of the ATP and ITA signed by all parties will be lodged with the RACMA National Office via the eETP submission tool. In-Training Assessment Reports will also be submitted to the Jurisdictional Training Coordinator for overview twice each year.

If a Candidate has any difficulty associated with the supervised medical management practice they should immediately contact their Preceptor, the Jurisdictional Co-ordinator of Training or the RACMA National Office.


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