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The College Medallions is awarded by the Board in recognition of meritorious service to the College the award is presented at the Langford Oration.

Apart from a silver medallion struck especially to recognise the immense contribution of Dr Sam Langford (and presented posthumously to his widow Mrs Beatrice Langford at the Langford Oration in August 1992), these medallions are normally bronze.

Guidelines for the Award of the College Medallion can be found here.
Nomination form for the Award of the College Medallion can be found here.

The following persons have been awarded College medallions:

2017 Dr Tony Sara NSW
2016 A/Prof Lynette Lee NSW
2015 Dr Helen Tinsley HK
2013 Dr Bernard Street VIC
2012 Dr Lee Gruner VIC
2011 Dr David Rankin NZ
2010 Professor Gavin Frost WA
2010 Dr Kathleen So HK
2008 Dr Peter Bradford VIC
2007 Dr Philip Montgomery WA
2006 Dr Robert Porter NSW
2005 Dr Sherene Devanesen VIC
2005 Dr Draginja Kasap NSW
2005 Dr Denis Smith NSW
2004 Dr Michael Jelly SA
2004 Dr John Sparrow TAS
2002 Professor Bryan Campbell QLD
2000 Dr John Campbell NSW
2000 Dr MR (Taffy) Jones VIC
1998 Dr Owen Curteis NSW
1998 Dr Jennifer Alexander NSW
1997 Dr Peter Southgate WA
1996 Dr L N (Bill) Walsh VIC
1995 Dr Roger Boyd NSW
1995 Dr Clive Wellington VIC
1994 Dr Alan Davis VIC
1994 Dr James Griffin QLD
1994 Dr William (Spike) Langsford ACT
1994 Professor James Lawson NSW
1993 Dr Peter Brennan WA
1992 Dr Donald Child NSW
1992 Dr Clifford Flower VIC
1992 Dr John Golledge QLD
1992 Dr Keith Harris NSW
1992 Dr Colin Joyner WA
1992 Dr Brendon Kearney SA
1992 Dr James McNulty WA
1992 Dr Sidney Sax ACT
1992 Dr Roger Vanderfield NSW
1991 Dr Maurice Cleary NSW
1983 Dr Ronald Webb VIC
1983 Assoc Prof Trevor Wood NSW
1981 Dr William Keane VIC
1981 Dr William McCoy
1979 Dr Harry Kramer NSW
1978 Dr Gad Trevaks VIC
1977 Dr Roderick McEwin NSW
1976 Dr John Shepherd VIC
1975 Sir Henry Winneke VIC
1975 Dr Bernard Nicholson SA
1975 Dr Cyril Cummins NSW
1974 Dr Ian Howard VIC
1974 Sir William Refshauge ACT
1974 Dr W E E (Sam) Langford VIC
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