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This prize, donated by, and awarded in memory of Dr Bernard Nicholson, is awarded to the outstanding Candidate at the oral examinations. Dr Nicholson was a Past-President of the College and played a major role in its establishment.


Bernard Nicholson Prize Winners:

2018  Dr Singithi Chandrasiri VIC
2017  Dr Lloyd McCann Overseas
2016 No Prize Awarded
2015 No Prize Awarded
2014 Dr Sara Thorn QLD
2014 Dr Audrey Koay WA
2013 Dr Joseph McGirr NSW
2012 Dr Margaret Wilsher NZ
2011 Dr Jacinta Powell QLD
2010 Dr Luis Prado QLD
2009 No Prize Awarded
2008 No Prize Awarded
2007 Dr David Alcorn QLD
2006 No prize awarded
2005 Dr Alison Dwyer VIC
2004 Dr Humsha Naidoo VIC
2003 Dr Robyn Lawrence WA
2002 Dr Tamsin Waterhouse NSW
2001 No Prize awarded
2000 Dr Beth Kotze NSW
2000 Dr Paul Tridgell NSW
1999 Dr Dennis Pisk NSW
1998 Dr Jennifer King QLD
1997 No Prize awarded
1996 No Prize awarded
1995 Dr Gareth Goodier WA
1994 No Prize awarded
1993 Dr Debra Graves VIC
1992 Dr Heather Wellington VIC
1991 Dr Norma Nickel WA
1990 Dr Michael Walsh WA
1989 Dr Paul Scown QLD
1988 Dr Greg Stewart NSW
1987 Dr Donna O'Sullivan QLD
1986 Dr Richard Ashby QLD
1985 Dr Barbara Grunseit NSW
1985 Dr Tim Smyth NSW
1984 Dr Peter Sainsbury NSW
1983 Dr George Lipton VIC
1982 Dr Barrie Heyworth QLD
1981 Dr Jennifer Alexander NSW
1980 Dr Cedric Gibbs NSW
1979 Dr Peter Southgate WA
1978 Dr Peter Stanley NSW
1977 Dr Ross Ulman VIC
1976 Dr Peter Morse NSW
1975 Dr Susan Britton NSW
1975 Dr Barry Catchlove NSW
1974 Dr Mary Stannard ACT
1973 Dr David Fry WA
1973 Dr Alexander Shearer QLD
1972 Dr Clifford Flower VIC
1971 Dr Myles Kehoe ACT
1970 Dr Trevor Wood NSW


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