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There are several critical success factors in order for the College to be successful and sustainable:

  • A need for clarity about our products and purpose

    The role of the professional medical manager is unique amongst the medical specialties, as it involves a focus on leadership, on management and on specialist clinical governance. In an environment in which the roles and expectations of medical managers are becoming more complex, clarity of the value that they and the College provide is essential.
  • A need to successfully navigate the regulatory environment

    The new regulatory environment will include AMC accreditation but not be limited to it. There is also a myriad of competition related legislation which influences College activities. The College needs to proactively deal with these requirements.
  • A need to be visibly influential – both publicly and politically

    As a key player in the management of Australia and New Zealand’s health care system, RACMA must be seen as the provider of wisdom, expertise and advice in its field. It must be seen as the 'go-to' organisation, the peak body on issues regarding management in the health sector.

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