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The Royal Australasian College of Medical Administrators was founded in recognition of the emergence of medical administration as a specialty in its own right.

The role of the College is to:

  • set educational standards;
  • accredit educational programs;
  • organise a continuing education program for Fellows and Associate Fellows;
  • conduct examinations;
  • nurture, guide and encourage Candidates, Associate Fellows and Fellows; and
  • assist clinicians and public health personnel who are increasingly being required to manage their clinical departments and public health programs and in addition to providing a clinical service.


The objectives of the College are as follows:
  • to promote and advance the study of the principles and practice of health services management by medical practitioners;
  • to establish and maintain the highest standards of learning, skill and conduct by medical practitioners engaged in health services management;
  • to establish, conduct and promote educational programs in health services management;
  • to promote mutual understanding between persons engaged in the field of health services management and to promote good relations between such persons engaged in the practice of medicine and between such persons and the community; and
  • to recognise by Honorary Fellowship or by special award, persons of distinction in the fields of medicine and health services management .
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