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Audit of Participation in the Continuing Education Program
Approval Date: 25 August 2011
Review By: Continuing Education Program Committee



The auditing of participation in the RACMA Continuing Education Program is part of the ongoing evaluation and assessment of the College’s Continuing Education Program (CEP).

Audit is conducted in three parts – as a quarterly maintenance audit, an annual certification audit and an annual compliance audit.


For some years, RACMA has undertaken an annual audit of participation in the Continuing Education Program, by requesting selected Fellows to provide their records of engagement in CEP activities. Under this new policy, the College will adopt a multi modal approach in order to increase rigour and quality assurance, utilising the capability of the electronic CEP platform to record activity and associated evidence.

The medical regulation authorities in Australia and New Zealand have standards that relate to this policy. In Australia the Medical Board of Australia (MBA) and Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Authority (AHPRA) have the Medical Continuing Professional Development Registration Standard and Medical Recency of Practice Registration Standard. In New Zealand there is Section 11 and 12 of the Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Act 2003, and the Medical Council of New Zealand’s Scopes of Practice and Prescribed Qualifications for the Practice of Medicine.

The RACMA Constitution 2009 also refers to the maintenance of professional standards in sections 7, 8 and 9.4-9.11. This is specifically referred to in section 9.5:

The college may undertake an audit from time to time or on an ongoing basis to determine compliance by a Member or Members with the Board’s standards for participation in continuing education.


This policy applies to Fellows, Associate Fellows and Maintenance of Professional Standards (MOPS) registrants, also referred to as ‘Members’.

Maintenance audit
A CEP participation report is generated quarterly and tabled for discussion at the CEP Committee meetings. This report details the number and percentage of participating Fellows and Associate Fellows, in each jurisdiction and as an overall figure. This report alerts coordinators of non-compliant participants for follow up. A participation report on the current and preceding calendar year is generally tabled.

A CEP compliance list is generated and circulated to the jurisdictional CEP Coordinators in April each year. This follows the deadline of March 31 for the logging of CEP activities for the previous calendar year. The Coordinators then encourage Fellows within their jurisdictions to log their activities and where necessary provide training and support. This list can be generated at any time from the e-CEP system by the Coordinators

Annual certification audit
The closing date for participants to log activities for a CEP calendar year is 31 March of the following year. The jurisdictional CEP Coordinator then reviews their logged activities and electronically signs off on their request if requirements are met. The Chair of the Continuing Education Program Committee gives the final approval before annual certificates are emailed to participants in May each year. Participants may request certificates at other times subject to achieving the points requirements. The approval processes are the same.

Annual compliance audit
The deadline for the logging of CEP activities on the e-CEP platform is March 31, with the main certification period in May of each year. In August of every year, participants who have not logged sufficient activities to meet the CEP requirement will be surveyed to ascertain why they have not logged their activities for the previous year. This will allow them to address this issue prior to the September registration with AHPRA that requires a current CEP certificate from their specialist medical College.

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