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Applications for 2019 commencement of candidacy via an accelerated pathway - OPENS: 1 Jun 2018 and CLOSES: 30 Sep 2018.

Contact the College Office for enquiries.

Doctors with demonstrated experience in medical management in Australia and New Zealand may seek recognition of Prior Learning and Experience (RPLE) when applying for entry to RACMA Fellowship Training Program.

The Medical Executive Pathway is suitable to doctors with significant level of experience in senior medical management roles and who can demonstrate at least 0.8 EFT in executive medical management over a 5 year period as a minimum.

Applicants wishing to apply for entry into the Medical Executive Pathway must at a minimum meet all the requirements for standard pathway entry to the RACMA Fellowship Training Program. Applicants will need to demonstrate to an RPLE Interview Panel that they have relevant existing competencies (recognition of prior learning and experience) which qualify them for entry to this modified training program.

Applications from doctors from Hong Kong who are eligible to apply need to initially seek support from the HKCCM. Hong Kong applicants who attain Fellowship of RACMA will not qualify to practice as specialist medical administrators in Australasia.

Pre-requisites and Attributes

Potential Candidates for the Medical Executive pathway will demonstrate attributes in:
  •  the broader issues of healthcare and influencing health outcomes in Australia and NZ
  • strong background in clinical and medical professional governance
  • current practicing general or specialist medical registration in Australia or New Zealand 
  • formal postgraduate studies in health or business management
  • demonstrated ongoing management and leadership learning
 Application Process

Applicants are required to apply for an assessment of Recognition of Prior Learning and Experience (RPLE). Entry to Fellowship Training Program and the pathway to entry will depend on an evaluation of the RPLE by the RACMA RPLE Assessment Panel. 

For further information see the application form:

Applicants undertaking an RPLE Assessment Interview are not guaranteed entry into the Medical Executive Pathway as the Panel will assess on the existing competencies and experience which qualify applicants for entry to this modified training program. Therefore, they may be eligible entry to other accelerated pathways (depending on skills, interview outcomes etc) where they will need to be in an appropriate training post.

Hence, applicants are required to submit an application for Accreditation of their training post/substantive position to the College together with their application for Recognition of Prior Learning and Experience (RPLE). This will allow the College to review the suitability of the training post/substantive position in the event Applicants are granted the level of RPLE which doesn't qualify them to enter the Medical Executive pathway.

Please see the Accreditation of Training Posts webpage for further details and to download Application for Accreditation Form.

The submission of the RPLE application requests for evidence and documentation to support applicants’ case for RPLE and to inform the Panel of the existing competencies for entry to RACMA training via an accelerated pathway. This information includes an online self-assessment, referee reports, CPD certificates, evidence of research experience and workplace capabilities, such as workplace tasks (reports, business cases, committee papers, etc.), media publications, performance evaluation reports, and third party testimonials.

RPLE Assessment

A RACMA RPLE Assessment Panel will comprise 2 senior RACMA Fellows. Applicants will be advised of the time and place for this interview. RACMA RPLE Panel Interviews may be located in Australia and New Zealand.

Applicants are not guaranteed an interview with an RPLE Panel and are advised to seek advice from the College prior to applying. In addition, granting an RPLE Panel Interview does not guarantee admission into the RACMA Fellowship Training Program or a particular pathway sought by the applicant.

Panel interviews will be 2 hours in duration. Applicants will be given feedback in the final 5-10 minutes of the interview. The outcome of the interview process will be determined by the RPLE Panel and a recommendation will be made to the relevant committee for approval. The applicant will not be advised of the Panel's recommendation for the award of RPLE at the interview. Notification of the outcome will be provided to the applicant following Board approval via an offer letter.

Following successful completion of all training requirements, including the Oral Examination Candidates will be eligible for Fellowship of The Royal Australasian College of Medical Administrators.

Training Program Requirements for Fellowship Training Program via Medical Executive Pathway view pdf file

The RACMA Fellowship Training Program fees are outlined here. Please note all RACMA fees are subject to review by the RACMA Board on the advice of the RACMA Finance and Audit Committee.

If you are interested in applying and would like further details, please contact Anna Lyubomirsky, National Education and Training Manager on +61 3 9824 4699.
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