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sp201720The Royal Australasian College of Medical Administrators (RACMA) is a specialist medical college that provides education, knowledge and advice in the area of medical management.

The Board recently endorsed the Strategic Plan 2017-2020 based on the themes embodied in the acronym SORT:

S - See
O - Organise
R - Reach
T - Teach

Our Vision:

RACMA will be valued by our members, and recognised internationally, as the Australasian medical college that provides professional education, leadership, advice and expertise in medical management that promotes safe and effective healthcare.

Over past decade the complexity of the health services environment within which RACMA operates has been consistently increasing. Current challenges for the organisation include the need for a defined and well articulated value proposition. In addition the college has been affected by broader health system challenges such as increased governance requirements and medical workforce developments generally.

This document provides clear strategic directions for RACMA. It is based on a compelling vision for the College and critical success factors required for sustainability.

RACMA Strategic Plan 2017-2020view pdf file|download pdf file

RACMA Strategic Plan 2014-2016view pdf file|download pdf file

RACMA Strategic Plan 2010-2012view pdf file|download pdf file

RACMA Strategic Plan 2006-2009view pdf file|download pdf file

College Advocacy

During March 2011 Dr Michael Walsh gave a presentation to the Board entitled "About values, leadership and advocacy". The presentation can be found below.

About values, leadership and advocacyview pdf file|download pdf file


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